cinquespotted said: *chinhands* So, poking at the Buffy feelings--are characters (major or minor) that you thought could have been great but Joss ruined (along the lines of the Riley meta), or characters who you would have written tooootally differently (I'm assuming Xander)? (Bonus: what would you have done with them?)



This is probably going to make me super unpopular with Buffy diehards buuuuuuuutttt….

1) Tara. Taaaaaaarrrrrrraaaaaaaa. This is, like, my #1 Problem with Buffy the show, both in the sense that it was an epiphany moment for teenaged me way back when that I could be like “oh, hey, I see what you did wrong in the construction there” and in the sense that my seething anger about Buffy (that is ALWAYS overbalanced by how much love I feel for it) comes back to this point.

On the one hand, this was a character who was built to be a pain-for-your-viewing-pleasure character. I’m not saying that this kind of character is NECESSARILY bad (because traumatic childhoods are real and our art should always be allowed/required/open to reflecting back the things that are real), but that Joss MADE IT BAD when he dropped the plotline like it was hot and never returned to it. You do not wrap up long-term trauma in one moment, kickass though that moment may be. I couldn’t help but feel that the idea of her traumatic childhood was used like a gimmick, like a cute trick the new character can do, instead of a very real thing.

And on the OTHER hand, there was the I-guess-I’m-the-tragically-insane-woman-this-season schtick. You have Dru for that already, you have half-a-dozen female characters for that. MUST you make Tara also wander around the set in Elphine-like diaphanous robes, spouting waifish inanities? And MUST we go through all this as if this isn’t a character who HAS SUFFERED THIS BEFORE, whose past ALREADY INCLUDES MOMENTS WHEN HER FREE WILL WAS FORCIBLY SUBDUED?

And, to top all that off—though only tangentially a Tara point—can I just say: the fact that Willow loved Tara (and…Kennedy? am I making that name up from the last season? This seems like a name I would make up) does NOT discount that her love for Oz was ALSO a real thing. You can say it, Joss: bisexual. Go on. You’ll feel better.

2. Faaaaaiiiiiiith. This is 99.9999999% because I am always two seconds away from shaking my screen and screaming “WHY DOESN’T YOUR FACE DOOOOO THINGS” when Eliza Dushku is on it. I LOVE the idea of Faith. I love the fact that she says five by five. I love that she’s the replacement slayer’s replacement. I love that she feels the burden of not being Buffy. I love that fate royally screwed her over and she kept on trucking. I love that she was always gonna be three quarters villain on her best days. I. just. HATE. and love. Eliza Dushku.

3. Fred. Actually, my feelings about Fred are pretty simple: I think someone should take Amy Acker away from Joss because he goes to Not Good places when he has access to her as an actor. This goes double for Whiskey on Dollhouse.

4. I would have killed Xander in, like, the first episode. Or, EVEN BETTER, I would have killed him in a viciously stupid way later in the show, after he’s already royally pissed me off. I would give him a death like they gave Tasha Yarr on ST:Next Gen. I would have given him the lowest of all low budget deaths, the kind you have to laugh about even if it was your favorite character ever (TASHA I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU).

Yep. You sure do know how to get the feels out of me, Housman.

  1. cinquespotted said: To be clear: I love all of your meta. But there is a special place in my heart for your Buffy meta. And YES, “You do not wrap up long-term trauma in one moment”, FOR REAL. (I’d say Moffat also needs to learn that, but he needs to learn EVERYTHING.)
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